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  • RB Turbo LLC is a St. Louis, Missouri based business who strives to provide high quality ingenuitive Hybrid Turbocharger upgrade solutions at an affordable cost. RB Turbos’ personal philosophy is that "if it costs more, it has to be better;" but has worked vigorously to defy that logic and provide superior, refined products at highly competitive rates. RB Turbo takes great pride in each product and has a sincere concern for every customer by supplying them with the "best bang for their buck”....

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  • Hybrid Turbo Charger

    RB Turbo N54 Twin Turbo Upgrades, built only from Authentic parts*, for your 1M, 135, 335, 535, or Z4 with more BMW engine platforms to come!

    *We charge "Core Charges" (Fully Refundable) as we build as much of our product lines as possible from OE Authentic components, thus ensuring utmost Quality Control is intact. Businesses who do not require core charges, more often than not, are actually using low quality aftermarket components for their entire build. So while “Core Charges” can be inconvenient, they are there to ensure that we can get YOU (and every future customer) a Turbocharger that meets the highest quality standards possible.

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  • When it comes to balancing while some builders use common aftermarket course balancing “threshold pass/fail” techniques, we specialize in going that extra mile in order to meet/exceed all OE balancing turbo specs.

    This can only be accomplished by using Cutting Edge balancing equipment and by taking all the time needed to deliver the same results every time. We own the below machines and are not trying to fill a production quantity per day quota, thus each and every unit is built using their abilities to the fullest right here at RB Turbo LLC.

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